Vision for Africa:

Over the past 17 years, Deaf Evangelist Job Ayantola has visited Africa several times, and has seen a great need for Deaf people there to learn about our Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord put a burden on Job’s heart to establish a training/conference center and mission home in Nigeria. The plan/vision is:

1. to teach, train and mentor Deaf leaders to lead, train and encourage Deaf youth;
2. to train Deaf leaders and future leaders to effectively share their faith;
3. to prepare and equip leaders to establish ministries that will fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus;
4. to emphasize physical education, so that our students will be able to compete in local and international competitions, as a means of leading others to Christ.

The center will not only serve Nigeria, but neighboring countries in Africa as well. Courses will include religious studies, entrepreneurship, skill development, and the application of technology to their businesses and personal lives. Nigeria and other countries in Africa have a shortage of sign language professionals. This Deaf training center will use new technology to ensure that the courses are taught effectively in a visual way to the Deaf students/trainees.

On January 10, 2017, Deaf Christian Evangelistic Association, International bought four (4) acres of land in the southern part of Nigeria. Halleluiah! By God’s grace, the master plan will include a 3 story building that will house 100 students plus a 5 bedroom mission house. We recently paid for the construction of a fence around the land. The digging for the foundation of one building has begun, and we are paying for it all by ourselves. However, we cannot afford to pay to complete the project by ourselves without your help.

The estimated cost of the complete project that was given to us by the Engineer is $850,000 U.S. This includes conference/training center, mission house, well, sport facilities, equipment and humble furnishings. Note: Current Nigerian rate is 495 +/- = $1

In addition, we have hired a Deaf Evangelism Team Leader and an Assistant Evangelism Team Leader in Nigeria. Their job is to support Deaf churches, win souls of Deaf children, youth and adults, and train them to do the same. We are paying them a minimal monthly salary.

Seeing this vision become a reality, depends on friends like you-with your prayers, participation and financial giving. Your financial support will enable Deaf Christian Evangelistic Association, International (DCEA) to provide high quality leadership training, along with education and spiritual development for Deaf people in Nigeria and beyond.

If you wish to invite Evangelist Job Ayantola to preach at your church or present this project to your small group, service club, or church family, he will be more than happy to come. Kindly contact us, so we can set up a date.

For those who have supported or continue to support us, we say, “THANK YOU.” For new donors, please prayerfully consider making a tax-deductible one time donation, or supporting this project monthly. Please click the link below to make a donation, or mail your contribution made payable to “Deaf Christian Evangelistic Association, Int’l.” 25 Svenson Road, Shrewsbury, MA 01545. A gift of any size will be GREATLY APPRECIATED.

With your support, we can make a positive impact on the lives of Deaf people in Africa for eternity.